Time Slowing

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  • ?? EINSTEIN'S DREAMS isn't children's lit, but certainly prevents multiple perceptions of time, besides slowing.
  • Anderson, Poul (1970) Tau Zero
  • Blish, James 1953 short story "Common Time"
  • Eliade, Mircea. One of the stories in _Tales_ was also published in a wonderful Harcourt collection, _The Slaying of the dragon._ Eliade saw the abolition of time as the essence of myth, which his non-fiction books on comparative religion explicate. His fictions show a comparably intense fascination and originality in their various methods for halting or reversing or otherwise warping time. A Tale of Time City, by Diana Wynne Jones - not surprisingly, given the title :), plays around with all sorts of concepts of time.
  • Eliade, Mircea. Tales of the Sacred and the supernatural.
  • Eliade, Mircea. Youth without youth,
  • Haldeman, Joe. The Forever War Hugo-Award winning (1975) novel
  • Heinlein, Robert (1956) Time for the Stars
  • Le Guin, Ursula K. "Winter's King"
  • Pohl, Frederik (1972) novella "The Gold at the Starbow's End" novelized in 1980 as Starburst
  • Sleator, William THE BOXES
  • Sleator, William. Singularity has a lot of fascinating playing around with time.
  • Stith, John (1990) Red Shift Rendezvous