Southern Fiction (Middle/High)

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NOTE: Southern Fiction (by State. Middle Up. Some titles may be inappropriate for younger ages.)
Authors & Titles.
  • ? Old Yeller. Texas
  • ? White Lilacs. Texas
  • Arnow, Harriet. The Dollmaker. Kentucky
  • Barwick, Mary. The Alabama Angels. Alabama
  • Barwick, Mary. The Alabama Angels in Anywhere, L.A. [lower Alabama]. Alabama
  • Bonner, Cindy. Lily. Texas
  • Burch, Robert. Ida Early Comes Over the Mountain. (Ida Early Series) Georgia
  • Burns, Olivia Ann. Cold Sassy Tree. Georgia
  • Capote, Truman. A Christmas Memory. Alabama
  • Childress, Mark. Crazy in Alabama. Alabama
  • Childress, Mark. Tender. Mississippi
  • Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Alabama
  • Dykeman, Wilma. The Tall Woman. Tennessee or North Carolina
  • Edgerton, Clyde. Walking Across Egypt. North Carolina
  • Flagg, Fannie. Fried Green Tomatoes. Texas
  • Fontenot, Mary Alice. The Ghost of Bayou Tigre. Louisiana
  • Frazier, Charles. Cold Mountain. N. Carolina/Virginia
  • Geroge, Jean Craighead. Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo. Florida
  • Gibbons, Faye. Mighty Close to Heaven. Alabama
  • Giles, Janice Holt. Believers. Kentucky
  • Houston, Gloria. (several picture books North Carolina)
  • Karon, Jan. (Mitford series, North Carolina)
  • Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. Alabama
  • Lyon, George Ella. Here and Then. Kentucky
  • Mason, Bobbie. Feather Crowns. Kentucky
  • Mason, Bobbie. In Country. Kentucky
  • McCrockle, Jill. The Cheerleader. North Carolina
  • McMurtry, Larry. Lonesome Dove. (series, Texas)
  • Mitchell, Margaret. Gone With the Wind. Georgia
  • Pearson, T.R. A Short History of a Small Place N. Carolina/Virginia
  • Portis, Charles. True Grit. Arkansas
  • Price, Reynolds. The Surface of Earth. N. Carolina/Virginia
  • Rawlings, Margorie Kinnan. Cross Creek. Florida
  • Rawlings, Margorie Kinnan. The Yearling. Florida
  • Searcy, Margaret. Charm of the Bear Claw Necklace. Alabama
  • Searcy, Margaret. Ikwa of the Mound Builder Indians. Alabama
  • Slone, Verna Mae. What My Heart Wants to Tell. Kentucky
  • Smith, Deborah. A Place to Call Home. Georgia
  • Smith, Lee. Fair and Tender Ladies. N. Carolina/Virginia
  • Smith, Lee. Oral History. N. Carolina/Virginia
  • Still, James. Jack and the Wonder Beans. Kentucky
  • Still, James. Pattern of a Man. Kentucky
  • Still, James. River of Earth. Kentucky
  • Still, James. Run for the Elbertas. Kentucky
  • Stone, Robert. A Hall of Mirrors. Louisiana
  • Stuart, Jesse. The Thread that Runs So True. Kentucky
  • Wechter, Nell Wise. Taffy of Torpedo Junction. North Carolina
  • Wells, Rebecca. Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. Louisiana
  • White, Ruth. Belle Prater's Boy. Virginia
  • Windham, Katherine Tucker. 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. Alabama
  • Windham, Katherine Tucker. One Big Front Porch. Alabama
Additional Authors.
  • Angelou, Maya. Arkansas
  • Capote, Truman. Mississippi
  • Caudill, Henry. Kentucky
  • Caudill, Rebecca. Kentucky
  • Conroy, Pat. South Carolina
  • Cornwell, Patricia. Virginia
  • Davis, Jenny. Kentucky
  • Dickey, James.
  • Faulkner, William. Mississippi
  • Flannery O'Connor.
  • Fletcher, John Gould. Arkansas
  • Foote, Shelby. Mississippi
  • Gilchrist, Ellen. Arkansas
  • Grisham, John. Mississippi
  • Harrington, Donald. Arkansas
  • Harrison, William. Arkansas
  • Hess, Joan. Arkansas
  • Jones, Douglas. Arkansas
  • Kingsolver, Barbara. Kentucky
  • Lee, Harper. Mississippi
  • McCullers, Carson.
  • Ranson, John Crowe.
  • Rice, Anne. Louisiana
  • Simon, Charlie May. Arkansas
  • Steele, William O. Tennessee/Kentucky
  • Tate, Allen.
  • Warren, Robert Penn. Kentucky
  • Welty, Eudora.
  • White, Bailey. Florida
And two geographical indexes:
Colborn, Candy. What Do Children Read Next. (Gale Research)
Spencer, Pam. What Do Young Adults Read Next (Gale Research)
Original List assembled by Terri Lent, Manassas Park HS/MS, Manassas Park, VA