Reference Books (Elementary)

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  • Academic American. (Grolier)
  • Amazing Animals of the World. (Grolier)
  • America the Beautiful. (State set from Children's Press)
  • American Heritage Beginning Children's Dictionary.
  • American Heritage Beginning Dictionary.
  • Animal Encyclopedia. (Marshall Cavendish)
  • Aquarium Fish. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.
  • Biography for Beginners. (Omnigraphics)
  • Biography Today. (Omnigraphics)
  • Birds' Eggs. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Cats. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Endangered Animals. (Grolier)
  • From Sea to Shining Sea. (State set from Children's Press)
  • Gemstones. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Grolier Student Encyclopedia.
  • History of the United States. (multi-volume U. S.
  • Horses. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Major Authors & Illustrators for Children and Young
  • Merriam-Webster's Biographical Dictionary. (1996. ISBN 0877797439)
  • Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary. (1997. ISBN 0877795460)
  • New Book of Knowledge.
  • Rand McNally 98 Road Atlas. ($13.95)
  • Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas (1995. $5.95 ISBN: 0528837338)
  • Rocks. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Roget's Children's Thesaurus.
  • Roget's Student Thesaurus.
  • Student Atlas. (Rand McNally)
  • Timeline Books. (DK)
  • Top 10 of Everything for 1998. (1997, etc.)
  • U.S. Presidents. (set from Children's Press)
  • Whales. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • World Almanac.
  • World Book Encyclopedia.
  • ZooBooks.
  • Alderton, ? Dogs. (Eyewitness Handbook)
  • Kovacs, ? Meet the Authors: 25 Writers of Upper Elementary and Middle School Books Talk About Their Work. (1996)
  • Kovacs, ? Meet the Authors and Illustrators Volume II: 60 Creators of Favorite Children's Books. (1993)
  • Kovacs, ? Meet the Authors and Illustrators: 60 Creators of Favorite Children's Books. (1991; half primary, half
  • Morris, ? Encyclopedia of American History. (Harper 1996, $55.00, ISBN 0062700553; especially useful for details of events and people. For example, if your class wants to reenact the events surrounding the Declaration of Independence and each child has to depict a different signer, start here.)
  • Reid, ? Pond Life. (field guide)
  • Rhodes, ? Fossils. (field guide)
  • Robbins, ? Birds of North America. (1983; comprehensive field guide)
  • Wittels, ? Clear and Simple Thesaurus Dictionary. (1996, Grosset & Dunlap, $10.00)
  • Zim, ? Birds. (Golden Press, 1987, $11.15 from Permbound; simple, only the most well-known eastern U.S. birds.) Adults. (Gale Research, 6 vols.) history)
  • General (encyclopedias and almanacs):

Golden Book Encyclopedia on CD
Heinemann First Encyclopedia
Lands and Peoples
World Almanac and Book of Facts in paperback (update yearly)
World Book Encyclopedia
World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia (for primary)
American Heritage Dictionary
Foreign language dictionaries and phrase books
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (for secondary)
Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary, Third Edition (for all libraries)
Scholastic Dictionary for Children
Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms
Thorndike-Barnhardt Dictionary (Children's ed. for primary, Junior ed.for intermediate)
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
Webster's New Biographical Dictionary
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus (for secondary)
Roget's Thesurus
Scholastic Student Thesaurus by John Bollard (for elementary)
Bartlett's Quotations (for secondary)
Quotations for Kids
Scholastic Treasury of Quotations for Children by A. Betz (for elem)
A world atlas
Hammond Atlas of the United States
Hammond World Atlas
Rand McNally Road Atlas (covers US, Canada & Mexico) (update frequently)
Field Guides: Sibley or Robbins for birds, other guides put out by Peterson, Golden, DK, Audubon, others, for pets, wild animals, wildflowers, trees, geology, rocks & minerals, fossils, stars, etc.
Grolier s Amazing Animals of the World
Grolier's Endangered Animals
Set of Zoo Books
The Raintree Science Encyclopedia has good concise articles for use by kids.
Wildlife and Plants of the World (Marshall Cavendish)
Wildlife and Plants of the World by Marshall Cavendish, 17 vol. set (for elementary)
American History:
Morris. Encyclopedia of American History. Harper '96 one volume