Native American Folktales
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  • Tomie dePaola "The Good Giants and the Bad Pukwudgies." It's a Wampanoag tale of how Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Elizabeth Islands came to be and ends with the coming of the Pilgrims.
  • The great ball game (author?) about the animals playing a lacrosse game and the bat being the saving critter - why birds fly south in winter. A FUNNY Seneca tale is Owl Eyes.
  • Rafe Martin "The Rough-Faced Girl" I believe it was an Algonquin story. I don't know how close they were to New England, but it beats the Apaches or somebody.
  • Rainbow Crow is a Woodland Indian story.
  • Look for stories and books by Bruhac or Medicine Story.
  • The Legend of the Cranberry : A Paleo-Indian Tale by Ellin Greene.
  • "Race with Buffalo" is a collection of folktales from August House. Includes a story about Glooscap (various spellings) who is a character from Micmac & Passamaquoddy folklore. You can probably find some of those stories in other collections.
  • Joseph Bruchac The Great Ball Game.
  • There are alway Goble's books...Iktomi is a little on the silly side, The_gift_of_the_sacred_dogs is also a nice one that I have doen with 2nd grades while doing a series of folktales.
  • Joe Bruchac , an Algonquian from the area. He's a nationally known storyteller and the author of Keepers of the Earth and Keepers of the Animals which are filled with native American tales of assorted lengths from assorted tribes. He also has a number of other Native American anthologies.
  • Nancy Van Laan In a Circle Long Ago: A Treasury of Native Lore from North America.
  • The First Red Maple Leaf by Ludmila Zeman