Interactive Storytelling
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  • Resource books:

Sound and Action Stories by Jerry J Mallet & Timothy S Ervin ISBN 0913853232
By George Shannon: Stories to Solve, More Stories to Solve, Still More Stories to Solve
Storyvine by Anne Pellowski
Numerous titles by Margaret Reed MacDonald
Joining In: Participation Stories by Teresa Miller
Crazy Gibberish by Naomi Baltuck
Books by Rob Reid
List of cumulative titles that work well as interactive stories
Stories to tell with the overhead projector
a story with sound affects for the kids to make
lots of participation stories
lots of stories
a stand up and sit down story
Individual story titles:
Various variants of "The Great Enormous Turnip"
Various variants of "Stone Soup"
The Well Mannered Balloon
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
"Noisy House"