If you liked I Spy books...
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  • Animalia by Graham Base
  • Can You See What I See?: Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve -- by Walter Wick;
  • Full Moon Soup: Or the Fall of the Hotel Splendide by Alastair Graham
  • Great City Search
  • Hunt for Hector,
  • Look & Find books published by Publishers International.
  • Look Alikes and Look Alike Jr. by Joan Steiner
  • Look for Lisa,
  • Pigs 1 to 10 by Geisert
  • Pigs A to Z.by Geisert
  • Search for Sam
  • The Big Bug Search,
  • The Great Animal Search,
  • the Great History Search
  • The Magic Eye books
  • Puzzle Island by Paul Adshead
  • Where's Waldo?