If you liked Flyy Girl...
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  • Ankiza by Gloria Velasquez
  • Baby Momma Drama by Carl Weber.
  • Begging for Change, by Sharon Flake
  • Belle and the Beau by Beverly Jenkins.
  • Chill Wind by Janet McDonald
  • Crystal by Walter Dean Myers,
  • Josephine and the Soldier, by Beverly Jenkins.
  • Justin and Nicole by Elisabeth Craft
  • Money Hungry, by Sharon Flake
  • Motown and Didi, by Walter Dean Myers,
  • Romiette and Julio by Sharon Draper
  • Spellbound by Janet McDonald
  • The Cheetah Girls series
  • The Skin I'm in, by Sharon Flake
  • Twists and Turns by Janet McDonald
  • What Am I Without Him? by Sharon Flake