Clancy Alternatives
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  • · Cussler, Clive.
  • · Forester, C. S. Horatio Hornblower books. Those have been reprinted recently after the A & E productions
  • · Francis, Dick.
  • · Jenkins, Left Behind: the Kids series.
  • · Marsden, Marsden series that began with Tomorrow When the War Began?
  • · McInness, Helen. Most of them aren't overtly violent, and there's very little sex. However, there is a great deal of intrigue and suspense. Most of her books deal with WWII Intelligence or the Communist threat. They are perhaps a little dated (and some of them are a little strident, although she would say that's my uniformed liberal bias talking), but I think they still hold up as good reads.
  • · Pearson, Ridley. Ridley is VERY devoted to research and accurate detail, but here isn't a lot of sex in his books either.
  • · Thompson, Julian. Brothers is an interesting tale and could be read by a younger reader. (I love Grounding of Group 6 but it would be too mature.)
  • · Turner, Megan Whelan. two wonderful books, Thief and Queen of Attolia, are definitely Clancyeque There are more spies, secrets, intrigue and convoluted plots to keep anyone happy!