Hip Hop Literature
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  • Greenfield, Eloise Ferguson Illus. by: Gilchrist, Jan Spivey. Nathaniel Talking (1988) A collection of poems using the voice and perspective of nine-year-old Nathaniel living in the city.
  • Igus, Toyomi, Illus. by: Wood, Michele. I See the Rhythm (1998). Using a timeline, art, poetry, and a paragraph explanation of the artwork, this is a chronicle of the history, mood, and movement of African American music.
  • Isadora, Rachel, Illus. by: Isadora, Rachel. Ben's Trumpet (1979). Ben wants to be a trumpeter, but plays only on an imaginary instrument until one of the musicians in a neighborhood night club discovers his ambition.
  • Monceaux, Morgan. My Music, My People (1994) A collection of brief commentary on many African-American singers, composers, musicians, and bandleaders, and how the author first discovered them.
  • Myers, Walter Dean Illus. by: Myers, Christopher. Harlem : A Poem (1997)A poem celebrating the people, sights, and sounds of Harlem.
  • Nelson, George. Hip Hop America.
  • Raschka, Chris. Charlie Parker Played Be Bop (1992). Introduces the famous saxophonist, Charlie Parker, and his style of jazz known as bebop.
  • Raschka, Chris Illus. by: Raschka, Christopher. Mysterious Thelonious (1997) Matches the tones of the diatonic scale to the values of the color wheel in presenting a portrait of the work of the African-American jazz musician and composer of "Mysterioso."
  • Schroeder, Alan. Illus. by: Fuchs, Bernie. Carolina Shout ! (1995). Delia describes the music she hears in the cries of various vendors on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Tramble, Nichelle. Dying Ground: A Hip Hop Noir Novel
  • Vibe. Hip Hop Divas.
  • Watkins, S. Craig. Representing: Hip Hop culture and the production of black cinema