Dialog Bubbles
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  • · Aliki's books use bubble dialogue
  • · Charlie Brown books
  • · City of Light, City of Dark by Avi--I believe does this.
  • · Father Christmas books - Raymond Briggs
  • · Garfield books
  • · I Lost My Bear - Jules Feiffer.
  • · Levy, the Something Queer series, with comic sytle illus. by Mordecai Gernstein. Meanwhile - Jules Feiffer
  • · Loreen Leedy titles
  • · Martha books (Martha Calling, Martha Blah Blah, etc.) she is a dog who talks.
  • · Mercer Mayer does it, but his books only have one or two words. Actually, she could have students put bubbles and dialogue on the rest of the book.
  • · Sunday cartoons
  • · That Terrible Halloween Night - James Stevenson books Where the grandfather is telling stories to his grandchildren. (eg. That Terrible Halloween Night, Brrrrr
  • · The Tyrannosaurus Game by Steven Kroll (illustrated by Tomie dePaola)
  • · Tommy Traveler in the World of Black History by Tom Feelings. One of my 4th gr. >teachers used the book for her unit on Colonial America. The book used the style of comic books, thus all dialogues are in "bubbles."
  • What Do Authors Do? by Christelow has such a thing; and I've seen, in the last few days!, there's a companion to the book, titled What Do Illustrators Do?